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The Monti
The Carolina Theatre of Durham
10th Anniversary Show

A live storytelling event that celebrates ten years of live personal stories in the Triangle.


Our base ticket price for this event is $22. 

Online: For every ticket, The Carolina Theatre of Durham will add $2 restoration fees for improvements and repairs to the theatre. Ticketmaster will then add their own ticketing fee of up to $9 per ticket. NC adds 7.5% entertainment tax. Translation: a $22 ticket will end up costing ~$34. 

Phone: If you call The Carolina Theatre to purchase tickets, there will be the $2 restoration fee plus a $4 service charge plus tax. To purchase tickets by phone, 919 560-3030.

In-person: The only fees that will be placed on top of our base ticket price will be the $2 restoration fee plus tax. The box office is open from 11am-6pm Monday through Friday and an hour prior to showtime on the day of our show. 

We strongly recommend purchasing tickets in-person. The fees associated with any other method are very high. Normally, we like to sell tickets online in advance because it gives us an idea of attendance prior to the show. But more important than that, we want you to feel good about where you are spending your money. Please feel free to walk up to the box office sometime this week or right before the show on Friday night. 



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