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The Monti
The ArtsCenter
5th Annual Hippo Awards

For Tickets to the 5th Annual Hippo Awards, click HERE!

This event will be hosted by The Monti’s Executive Director, Jeff Polish.

The 5th Annual Hippo Awards is an annual event where we honor the best stories told in the previous calendar year. Nominations are in three distinct categories: Comedy, Drama, and Overall. In addition to the handing out of awards, we are also featuring a full lineup of new stories by new voices as well as past Hippo Award winners. 

If you want to be a voting member of The Monti Academy, you must sign up for our email list. To do so, click HERE to go to our homepage. Enter your email address in the lower left corner of the page. You must have signed up by Thursday, January 17th to be eligible to cast your votes.

There are four requirements that all stories must follow:

  1. All stories are true.
  2. All stories are told without the use of notes.
  3. All stories adhere to the twelve-minute time limit.
  4. All stories must revolve around the theme, Commitment.

 Tickets for this show go on sale on Monday, January 7th at 10am.


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