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The Monti
Morehead Planetarium

This show is CURRENTLY sold out. We MAY have an opportunity to release a number of seats so please email to be added to a wait list. 

We are teaming up with Scientists with Stories and Morehead Planetarium and Science Center to produce this one-of-a-kind show. The theme is #ScienceFail.

As scientists, we all know that the process of doing scientific research is never a straight line. It’s filled with dead-ends and land mines that can challenge a person to the very core. Some find success in the road blocks, while others find frustration. Regardless, we all know that every scientific paper ever published has a profound personal story behind it. What were the struggles and sacrifices that led to these significant findings? How did failure lead to success? How did success lead to failure? Join us as UNC Chancellor Carol Folt, Nobel Laureate Oliver Smithies, and other scientists and graduate students tell their own personal #ScienceFail stories. 

In addition to the storytelling event, we will be collecting data about the power and effectiveness of storytelling before, during, and after the show. You, the audience, will be part of the experiment. It is important that you arrive by 7pm. There will be a reception during the pre-show survey.

You will not want to miss this innovative and provocative show that is part storytelling event and part scientific experiment. 

Sold Out