Gift Certificate

Price: $25.00





You’ve been telling your friends and family all about The Monti shows for months—years, in some cases. But when big shows come around, your peeps don’t get off their arses long enough to purchase tickets. Well now you can essentially force them to come with you by giving them redeemable gift certificates, good for any show(s) as long as they redeem it with us before a show sells out. And as long as there is a balance on their gift certificate, they can use it with us. Our gift certificates come in three levels: $25, $50, and $100. All they need to do is send us an email, telling us they want to redeem their Gift Certificate. Sure, they have to do something to secure their tickets, but by giving them this gift, you are bringing them one step closer to our amazing live shows. 

Order your gift certificate now and we will mail it immediately to your recipient in time for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and late Hanukkah.

Happy Holidays!