Want to Tell a Story?

Of all the things I have done in my life, telling a story at The Monti is one of them.”  – Hippo Guy, Monti shit-stirrer

So you want to tell a story at The Monti?  Fantastic! There are two ways that this can happen:

  1. The Monti – If you feel that you have a fabulous story that would be perfect for our Signature Series, send a 200-word pitch to The Monti by emailing pitch@themonti.org. One of our producers will read the pitch and respond to you promptly. There is no guarantee that we will accept your pitch. We may ask follow-up questions or make comments on what has been presented. Successful pitches contain the following components: an idea of what happens in your story; a statement of how the character(s) change as a result of what happened in the story; and an idea of what your story is about. You do not have to have all the answers to your story; we will help to develop the story with you. If we like your pitch, we will pass it along to our Executive Director, Jeff Polish. He will make the decision on whether or not you will be invited to tell a story at The Monti.
  2. The Monti StorySLAM – You can try your hand at The Monti StorySLAM. This is our competitive open mic series. Here’s how to go about doing so:
  • Look at the schedule of dates and themes and pick one that works for you.
  • Begin to craft a narrative that fits the theme.  What makes a great story?  Click here for tips.
  • Practice it so that you can deliver your story without the use of notes.  This is not a reading – absolutely no notes will be allowed.  Practice alone, practice for your pets, practice for your friends (only ones that will let you know if your story is any good – it is a waste of time to practice for someone who won’t be honest).
  • Edit Edit Edit!  Make sure your story fits the 5-minute format!
  • Show up to the StorySLAM and put your name in the hat.  Eight names will be called.  If your name is not called, then there will be another event around the corner that might fit your story.  Please come back and try again!  It is people like you who will drive these events!